Technodomisi - Adamopoulos Giorgos

The company "TECHNODOMISI ADAMOPOULOS" is based in Athens. The manager of the company is Mr. Adamopoulos Giorgos, who has many years of experience in the field of renovations.
The Company undertakes renovations of houses and shops, exterior and interior spaces. We undertake renovations of detached houses, apartments, shops, roofs, thermo-facades, plasterboard, cement boards and tiles.
Home refurbishment:
Renovating your home is a very important job. It takes a lot of attention and a lot of inspiration to achieve the desired results. The most important step is to have your space renovated for someone with a lot of experience to coordinate the work in the right way and of course not to escape the economic goal.
Our Company provides you with the experience and know-how to achieve what you want. We always hear what the customer has to say to understand what we need and to propose solutions. We visit your place to record what we need and understand your needs.